Biology Lab Equipment

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  1. Blood Roller Mixer

      Voltage 220 / 230 V Dimensions 455 x 265 x 120 mm Frequency 50 Hz Body Material MS Coated Rolling Speed 10 - 30 RPM Maximum Load 3.5Kg
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    • Neubauer Counting Chamber

        A standardized glass slide used for counting cells, especially red blood cells and white blood cells, and other particulate material in a measured volume of fluid; a hemocytometer.
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      • Bio Gas Production Model

          Biogas is produced when bacteria digest organic matter (biomass) in the absence of oxygen. This process is called anaerobic digestion. It occurs naturally anywhere from the within the digestive system to the depth of effluent ponds and can be reproduced artificially in engineered containers called digesters.
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        • Cork Borer Set

            A cork borer, often used in a chemistry or biology laboratory, is a metal tool for cutting a hole in a cork or rubber stopper to insert glass tubing. Cork borers usually come in a set of nested sizes along with a solid pin for pushing the removed cork (or rubber) out of the borer.
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